Amy Cooper is a Cornwall based designer and maker of unique porcelain lighting

Company and Founder
I studied ceramics and sculpture as a mature student at the University of Wolverhampton. This came as a bit of a shock after growing up in Cornwall, but certainly made me appreciate my rural heritage. After graduating with first class honours in 2002, I set up my studio in Brighton where I was particularly inspired by the dramatic Sussex coastline. I relocated to rural North Devon where I worked from my studio at home, this was both convenient and idyllic as I became a mum in 2008 and since then time and place have become even more important to me. I have recently moved back to Cornwall. My sources of inspiration and creative energy have become more focused on the domestic, my garden and the woods beyond.

Company Background
Amy Cooper Ceramics was founded in 2003 with the support of the Princes Trust and is now based in beautiful Cornwall.
My work has been exhibited in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Dubai, as well as extensively throughout the UK. Theoretically Amy Cooper Ceramics is a one woman show although I have a lot of help from my ‘lovely assistant’ and husband, Gareth, who works with me full time making pots and looking after our two children.

Design Details, Materials and Processes
My porcelain range includes table lamps, lampshades and tea-light holders. All my pieces are slipcast and individually altered and decorated, no two are exactly the same. My most recent work is inspired by my more immediate surroundings, the magic of a garden or woodland at twilight and dawn, as well as softly remembered animations from my childhood. I am trying to recreate an atmosphere that delights as well as unsettles a little, which suggests tales and secrets as well as familiarity.
Initially the pieces are slipcast, I have a selection of moulds to create different forms. To create my new designs the pieces are bisque fired and sanded to remove any imperfections. After the piece is sanded I apply a stencil I have made specifically for that form from an original drawing, attaching it to the work with glue. I have some loose elements which are also added, I sandblast the work until the areas that are covered by the stencil stand proud. The stencil is then removed, revealing the design. The pieces are fired to 1250 °C and diamond polished before being wired up.

I am a member of:
Cornwall Crafts Association
The Craft Potters Association (associate member)
Westcountry Potters Association
The Society of Designer Craftsmen (fellow)

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