Original Collection

This work is largely inspired by a coastal environment and objects. I am intrigued by the endless variations in nature and the idea of an ongoing evolutionary process. I gather visual information from the precious things the sea offers up to us, the minutia we don’t usually see to the raw geology of an ocean ravaged cliff face.

Initially the pieces are slipcast, usually in two piece moulds. They are cast quickly so they are very thin. They are then removed from the mould while still soft so that the decoration can be applied using various tools from both the inside and outside of the piece. They are then fettled before being bisque fired. The pieces are sanded to remove any imperfections and when dry a textured glaze or slip is applied or the work is left ‘naked’. They are then fired up to 1250°C and diamond polished before being wired up.

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  • Coral Cylinder
    Coral Cylinder
  • Greater Spotted Almond
    Greater Spotted Almond
  • Greater Spotted Naked Point
    Greater Spotted Naked Point
  • Greater Spotted Naked Urchin
    Greater Spotted Naked Urchin
  • Greater Spotted Pollen
    Greater Spotted Pollen
  • Greater Spotted Spined Almond
    Greater Spotted Spined Almond
  • Greater Spotted Urchin
    Greater Spotted Urchin
  • Holey Planet
    Holey Planet